Hello Brave One!

My name is Alice Fulks Holistic Nutritionist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Coach.  

For five years I battled daily with chronic illness: digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, heartburn, headaches, joint pain brain fog, anxiety, women's health issues and more.

I remember waking up daily and praying for a solution that would be comprehensive and powerful enough to not only restore MY vitality but to help others as well.


Five years in, my prayer was answered in "Medical Medium" by Anthony William.  After trying no less than eight nutritional diets, spending $50,000 in medical treatments, & innumerable approaches to healing, within a week of following the Medical Medium's nourishment plan, I knew I would heal.

On this journey I have navigated the deep waters of alcohol addiction, compulsive overeating, codependency, & trauma. I recognize that a return to wellness is a comprehensive mind, body, spirit process & an undertaking which asks of us to deeply examine all facets of our beings to come home to ourselves. I believe that everything that has happened on my path has happened FOR me. It has been my initiation into the way of a Light Warrior, here to serve others through compassion, wisdom, grit & grace.

This program is the curation of the best practices I have used on my journey. It includes working with Soul SiSTAR Guides Kelly Castro- Conscious Relationship Expert, New Thought Leader and Group Facilitator, Sat Siri- Mama, Lead Kundalini Yoga Trainer, & Life Coach,  & yours truly Alice- Holistic Nutritionist, Kundalini Teacher, & Wellness Coach. 

This program includes 40 Day Whole Food Nourishment Guide, The Medical Medium's 9 Day Liver Rescue Nutritional protocol, Kundalini Yoga|Meditation, 12 Step Practices, Inner Child Work,  Conscious Relationship Coaching, &  Life/Vision Coaching to Ignite your power and purpose & Live your Dreams. May this offering serve you on path of Holy Wholeness. 

Grit & Grace,
Alice Fulks 


40 Day Radiant Reboot is for The Brave Being Who...

* Understands healing is a mind, body, soul journey and that all of it is connected

* Yearns to feel vitality and energy

*Yearns to feel at home and good in their body and being

* Wants to bring balance and strengthen their endocrine (a.k.a glandular/hormonal) system

* Wants to glow from the inside out

* Seeks Improved digestion and gut health

* Is ready to plunge deep into holistic mind, body, soul healing practices

* Is Looking for greater mental clarity 

* Who understands that it's not about being skinny rather it is about being healthy and vibrant

* Desires to have a healthy metabolism

* Wants to decrease inflammation in the body

* Wants to Improve quality of sleep

*To lower stress

Who Desires…

*To create purpose filled & thriving relationships

* To actualize their gifts and talents 

* To not apologize for their power and their purpose

* To fully move into the space of living their dreams 

* To serve from a place of wholeness 

Registration Now Open!

Click Here to Book Your FREE COACHING SESSION! This is a gift to you where we connect and find out more about how you can Ignite Your Vitality, Restore Your Body Temple, and Live Your Dreams!

Those who Desire to feel a new level of Wellness & Vitality and Nourish their Body Temple.

Those who Desire to go to the next level and supercharge their Spiritual and Meditation Practice.

Those who want to break free of old patterns and desire to thrive in their relationships.

Light Leaders who are ready to actualize their power & purpose & live their destiny.




*40 Day Holistic & Nourishing Meal Plan + Shopping List + Medical Medium 9 Day Liver Rescue Protocol

*Weekly 2 Hour Group Coaching Calls guided by... 

Kelly Castro- Conscious Relationship Expert, New Thought Leader, and Group Facilitator 

Sat Siri- Mama, Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer and Life Coach 

Alice Fulks- Holistic Nutritionist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Coach 

*Will will dive deep each week into mind, body, spirit, vitality, healing in relationships, and igniting our passions and purpose. 

*Kundalini Yoga & Meditation 

*40 Day Printed Journal + Recipe Book

*Private CommUNITY where you will build the kind of Connections and Friendships that will last a Lifetime.

*Resource List of Potent Wellness Practitioners to Support You.

*Additional Yoga + Meditation + Nutrition+ Conscious Relationship Content to Support You

*Copy of the Medical Medium's Liver Rescue delivered to you.  

Who is the Medical Medium? 

Meet Anthony William...

#1 New York Times best-selling author of Medical Medium, Life-Changing Foods, Thyroid Healingand Liver Rescue was born with the unique ability to converse with Spirit of Compassion who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s often far ahead of its time.

Since age four, when he shocked his family by announcing that his symptom-free grandmother had lung cancer (which medical testing soon confirmed), Anthony has been using his gift to “read” people’s conditions and tell them how to recover their health.

His unprecedented accuracy and success rate as the Medical Medium have earned him the trust and love of millions.  


What is the Medical Medium's Liver Rescue? 

As a holistic nutritionist and a chronic illness thriver, I have experimented with over 8 nutrition programs and five years of a multitude of approaches toward wellness and healing,  I can say hands down- The Medical Medium's Liver Rescue Protocol is the best. 

In Anthony William's words, "Nearly every challenge, from pesky general health complaints to digestive issues to emotional struggles to weight gain to high blood pressure to heart problems to brain fog to skin conditions to autoimmune and other chronic illnesses, has an origin in an overloaded liver and can improve and heal when you harness the force of this humble organ." 

We will walk through this protocol as a group exactly as he details in his book- Liver Rescue.  I encourage everyone to dive into his books. In particular: Liver Rescue, Medical Medium, and Life Changing Foods.  It may be the best decision you ever make for your vitality and radiance.

For each person who signs up for the 40 Day Radiant Reboot, we will personally order you a copy of Liver Rescue and have it delivered to your door!


Sat Siri 

Sat Siri is a trailblazing, next generation, Kundalini Yoga lead trainer, mama, former ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet, and life coach.  She travels the world teaching Kundalini Yoga in places like Bali, Maui, Mexico and India. She has teaching Kundalini Yoga  & Meditation for fourteen years. 

In her words: "I believe it is my mission to remind people, especially women how powerful they are. I once forgot my own power, but now I am reconnected with my true strength, deep resilience, and I allow grace to support me along the way. My breakdown became my breakthrough. I want this experience of remembering your true nature for you too. Let’s do this together."


"Sat Siri gave me my first introduction to what it is to be in my Grace as a woman. "

Samantha Sirgun

Kelly Castro

Kelly Castro is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, New thought leader, public speaker, seminar leader, and spiritual ninja. She and her husband co-founded Conscious Partnership Coaching, which provides transformational and healing services to individuals, couples, and families. Kelly received her BA in Psychology, is a certified Reiki practitioner, has been initiated in Sacred lands all over the world into high levels of energetic healing capacities, and has worked in mental and spiritual health for 8 years. She has facilitated over 1000 groups in various centers in Los Angeles and has worked with hundreds of people in all areas of wellbeing including health, relationships, finances, and spirituality. Kelly takes a holistic approach in her own life, as well as the lives of her three and helps her clients get to the root causes of suffering - rather than treating symptoms. After all, freedom is our absolute birthright!


"I wish every person on the planet was lucky enough to have a Kelly in their life. The world would be a happier, wiser, more conscious and peaceful place. But until then, I’m grateful to say that Kelly has helped to make me a happier, wiser, more conscious and peaceful person. Kelly is someone that lives, every day on such a deep level, the work that she teaches...she’s the “real deal”. I’m so grateful to have found such an incredible mentor and friend. "

Stephanie L.

Alice Fulks

Alice Fulks is a Holistic Nutritionist, Radiant Reboot Coach, and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 8 years in studios such as Golden Bridge Yoga and Wanderlust HLWD.

She co-leads retreats and Deep Dives throughout the West Coast and in summer 2019- Peru. Nine years ago she began her spiritual journey navigating the deep waters of addiction, trauma, and chronic illness. Having walked through the fire and come to herself- she is honored to step forward and help others awaken to their vitality and live their dreams!

"I tell everyone who will listen that Alice Fulks saved my life. When we started working together, I was emotionally, physically, and spiritually bankrupt. Many people tried to help me, but Alice was the only one I could truly hear. Her connection to the Divine is strong and real. Her teachings rang true, felt right, and brought me real peace. She was my guide, helping me connect to my own Higher Power. Because of Alice and the work we did together to clear away my old "stuff", I now live a life I truly love."

Samantha Colicchio


"Trying to address chronic and mystery illness can feel like stepping into battle with a thousand soldiers ahead, with your army of one. Not only has Alice made me feel less alone, she's restored my hope that healing is possible for all of us! I whole-heartedly recommend her services and am so grateful to have found her! "

Lauren Whipp

"Sat Siri has a quality, at once angelic and utterly of this world. She is so real that her centeredness, compassion and happiness seem attainable to us all. I highly recommend spending time in her company as she will be completely present when you do. "

Donna Burke

"Working with Kelly Castro is a gift that keeps giving. No matter how long you have with Kelly the experience will last a lifetime and will forever help with personal growth. Each and every meeting with Kelly was filled with the truest and purest form of LOVE and was extremely fulfilling. I left each and every session feeling full and prepared to release and heal. Kelly also attracts the most beautiful souls which contributes to the beauty that she shares with so many. I was extremely privileged and grateful for the experience and have shared my joys with all my friends and family. It’s an amazing experience that everyone and anyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. "

Tiffany M

"Alice Fulks helped me transition back to a natural way of eating after years of being on and off various diets, doctor’s programs, medicines & supplements to get my health in order. Her gentle way of informing & guiding me - and her delicious recipes - helped me learn how to truly nourish my body with healthy food that tastes good while also nourishing my soul by caring for my own heart along the way. I wholeheartedly believe that Alice is living her destiny as a Wellness Coach because she lives and breathes what she teaches. Just look at her - she is the embodiment of radiant wellness! I would recommend anyone suffering from chronic illness who wants real healing to work with her. "

Alisha Paladino

"Alice Fulks has made a phenomenal difference in my healing transformation. Because of her, I finally learned that my body was suffering from chronic illness and was able to take the proper measures to heal myself. She has also helped me align with my true purpose, making it easier for me to do work that satisfies both my creativity and my soul. Alice is an incredible healer and a gifted, nurturing spirit guide. She creates safety to identify inner blocks with more grace and compassion so that it's easier to restore connection to my true essence. I feel at home in her presence and I know you will too."

Jen Kleiner

"Sat Siri is such a joy as a teacher! Her class resonates with wisdom and insight, illuminating new perspectives of the practical, everyday struggles we all face and how the practice of Kundalini Yoga develops our inner strength to face them. She orchestrates a perfect balance between challenge and rest. I always leave her class feeling uplifted, fully engaged in my own spiritual healing, and better able to handle the challenges of my life!"

Jeff Cotrone

"Kelly Castro is a unique and gifted woman who has the conscious capacity to create a safe space for listening, while fully engaging in what is important for you. Her blend of compassion and light-hearted humor pierce false facades, thus allowing a deep connection, with her immediately. I would recommend Kelly if you’re looking to deep dive into more joyful and free experiences in any area of your life. "

Renee K

"Alice Fulks Wellness program of healing using a natural approach has revitalized my mind and body. Starting out skeptical, I didn't think my original diet was that bad and if I ate less and continued to exercise I would be healthy overall. Once I saw, in person, how different her diet was than mine, I became curious. Using a hands-on style of guidance, she developed a personalized regimen for me. After two months of sticking with it and listening to my body, I feel better than ever before. I am refreshed as well as energized and remain enthusiastic about the future with Alice's advisement. Thank You!!!"

John Fulks


For Growth, Discovery, Diving Deep Mind, Body, Soul. For Renewal and New Beginnings! I'm ready to Ignite my Vitality and Live My Dreams!

I'm Ready to Reboot!


Best Value + One Time Payment


I'm Ready to Reboot!


4 Monthly Payments


You have Questions? We've got Answers

We will meet each week via Zoom (similar to Skype)

The Schedule is as follows...

Group Coaching: 

Jan 29th    5:30-7:30 pm PST 

Feb 5th     5:30-7:30 pm PST 

Feb 12th   5:30-7:30 pm PST 

Feb 19th   5:30-7:30 pm PST 

March 5th 5:30-7:30 pm PST 

If you cannot make the live group coaching call- that is OKAY!  It will be recorded and uploaded into your online membership package. 

You can watch the replay at any point and you will still receive tremendous benefit! 


You Can Expect The Following: 

*40 Day Holistic & Nourishing Meal Plan + Shopping List + Medical Medium 9 Day Liver Rescue Protocol

*Weekly 2 Hour Group Coaching Calls guided by Conscious Relationship Expert, New Thought Leader and Group Facilitator Kelly Vint,  Mama, Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer and Life Coach Sat Siri, and Holistic Nutritionist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Coach Alice Fulks. 

*Will will dive deep each week into Mind, Body, Spirit Vitality, healing in relationships, and igniting our passions and purpose. 

*Kundalini Yoga & Meditation 

*40 Day Printed Journal + Recipe Book

*Private CommUNITY where you will build the kind of connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

*Resource List of Potent Wellness Practitioners to Support You.

*Additional Yoga + Meditation + Nutrition+ Conscious Relationship Content to Support You


Yes there is a payment plan! You can pay at one time or make 4 monthly payments.  We want everyone to be served and if you truly cannot afford this price- reach out alicefulks@me.com to discuss additional payment arrangements. 

Once you sign up- there is no refund policy.  We do this because this program calls you forth and calls each of the coach's forth in a big way! From the moment you sign up you are being supported. Doubt, hesitation, fear, resistance may come up for you in this process. Through our no refund policy- it gives you an opportunity to step up all the way and to go to the distance with yourself in this process! 

You can reach out to Alice Fulks directly with any additional questions: 


You are supported! 

Registration Now Open!

Click Here to Book Your FREE COACHING SESSION! This is a gift to you where we connect and find out more about how you can Ignite Your Vitality, Restore Your Body Temple, and Live Your Dreams!

"Alice developed an amazing modality that assists others in finding their own unique path to true health. She understands and practices the holistic path that it’s the Body, Mind and Spirit that leads to true health and healing. Bottom-line, Alice puts the HEART and HOPE back on the Path to Good Health. I am forever grateful for her guidance and strength as I transverse my own quest to good health."

Deborah Cox

"For me, yoga with Sat Siri is the best yoga there is."

"Alice Fulks Wellness has been a game changer in my life. After having issues with fatigue, mood swings, allergies, stress, I finally reached a point where I decided it was time to actually take some serious steps towards the healthy, vital & energized life that I've always wanted to have. So much of my health was tied to nutrition and healing old trauma held in the body that needed to be released. Switching to a plant based diet and having some quality supplements curated for my body and my lifestyle have probably been the most key factors in the improvement of my health and wellbeing. Within a few weeks, maybe less, I started noticing a major improvement in my energy throughout the day. No spikes & crashes, easier to focus on my work, no brain fog. Within a month or so my allergies had become I'd say 70% better. My eyes weren't burning, digestion good, no sinus headache."

Hargo Khalsa

"Kelly has really “been there” and back. Someone who is still so connected to her own personal experience / growth that it enables her to be real and authentic when working with you. I find this is SO important when doing inner work. Kelly will support you or help you find the necessary outlets to support you in all areas of your life. She really cares about your journey and where you are at now. She’s unbelievably patient as well which I don’t even understand LOL. I highly recommend working with her in ANY capacity. "

Meredith B.

"Alice is one of the most sacred, intuitive, powerful and fun healers in my time here on earth. Over the years through her guidance and safe space, I've boldly delved into my inner worlds for deep healing, established healthy daily disciplines as well as a continual realization of the divinity I am. I trust this woman explicitly with my life. If you have the rare opportunity to have an experience with her...do not hesitate for one moment, you may miss one of the most revealing opportunities of your lifetime."

Kiko Ellsworth


For Growth, Discovery, Diving Deep Mind, Body, Soul. For Renewal and New Beginnings! I'm ready to Ignite my Vitality and Live My Dreams!

I'm Ready to Reboot!


Best Value + One Time Payment


I'm Ready to Reboot!


4 Monthly Payments


Alice is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Alice is not an MD, PA, OD, ND, Licensed Dietician, and does not diagnose or treat disease. All information is offered to assist one's innate ability to balance body, mind, emotions & spirit. Clients are encouraged to seek advice from medical doctors in addition to considering complementary and alternative practices.


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